Facebook jail = social credit training

Can we just TAKE OVER Facebook already. Truth is a great start, but that monster is out of control. Blocked from commenting again, 29 days in FB jail, for an attempt at humor using 3 words, "hang the sheeple". F Facebook, they are a utility subject to laws, not merely a private co. They are equal to "the phone company", they can't deny service because they have a different opinion. Reminds me of Chinese social credit. That's probably it. Imagine, "your comment has violated our community rules", first, what do you think my comment means? Words and comments are always taken out of context. To think a computer algorithm can without due process simply deny my right to free speech, it's a 1984 nightmare. But that is what the Chinese are living. With facebook you can't comment, or post for a month for punishment, bad words, anti-social behavior ascertained by use of a word typed into a computer. But there, they deny access to travel, entertainment, food, medicine, some are denied life. It starts with the little things, to train a free people to accept tyranny

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