So tell me know, who is wrong

So, tell me now who was wrong, all those who laughed and snickered at conspiracy theory tin foil hat wearing friends. The NWO (SATAN) for you religious folks. No not the demon himself, but his organization. Primed the world for a global take over with staged racist killings, riots in the streets, deadly viruses, shortage of foods, supply chain shortages, power outages, weather anomalies, prices floating up out of sight for everything. Your government giving weapons and mega billions to a lost war , none of our business. Borders open with loads of anyone flooding the border. I say this an attack in a war we don't know we are in. And you prefer being pissed on by the media and told it's just raining.

And now guess what? A decoded recording of a meeting of the CCP discussing an invasion of the united states before November. Lock and Load folks.

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