Who has been harmed by alleged "misinformation" spoken by medical professionals on Joee Rogan?

Spotify is caught in the battle between those who speak the truth, and those who propagate deception. Joe Rogan, a talk sow host brave enough to hold discussions. Politics are in control of a medical subject. And facts are less important than fear. Neil Young has pulled his music in protest of what was said on Joe Rogan's podcast. Sacrificing the money from sales, because he doesn't like what his guests are saying.

Now, Crosby Stills and Nash, and others followed as well. Neil's wife and acclaimed actress Daryl Hannah took to Twitter to express criticism for Rogan's podcast and the eventual choice Spotify has made regarding Neil's ultimatum.

Daryl wrote: "sad to see some confuse censorship & free speech with the choice a private company has in deciding what they profit from a podcaster is free to say whatever they want Just as Neil is free to NOT have his music on a platform that makes $$$ of disinformation that harms folks".

What harm? It contradicts the official policies that some support, but nobody has been harmed for not wearing a mask. Nobody harmed for not taking an experimental vaccine. Nobody harmed from properly using the treatments suggested If you believe otherwise, prove it. Prove that a mask is useful. Prove that these treatments do not work. Prove that the experimental vaccines have not harmed millions of people.

You can't.

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